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  • First Apartment Checklist: Things to buy now and later

      Moving into your first apartment can be mentally overwhelming and can even seem financially overwhelming. How are you supposed to buy everything for your new apartment all at once?! Good news, you don’t. There are some essentials that you... Continue Reading →
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  • Small Space Storage Solutions

    Living in an apartment can sometimes be tough with all the things we need to store and organize. Sometimes we run out of space or maybe you just want a way to keep your apartment looking de-cluttered and a little... Continue Reading →
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  • Tips for a Clutter Free Apartment

    We all can get up on a Saturday morning and clean our apartment down to the baseboards but how do you prevent all that clutter and mess that just comes throughout the week? We want to share a couple of... Continue Reading →
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  • Apartment Cleaning Hacks

    Cleaning can be a hassle every Saturday morning but we hope to share a few tips with you that will help you get as much “you time” on the weekend as possible. Microwave We all hate cleaning the gunk and... Continue Reading →
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  • New Year’s Resolution Tips & Tricks

    It’s the new year and that means new goals! Many people find that after a few weeks their goals are no longer on their mind and actions are never taken to achieve them. This post will help you set some... Continue Reading →
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  • Quick and Easy Workouts to Do in Your Apartment

    With 2018 fast approaching we all have new goals on our minds. Staying healthy is usually near the top of our lists but how do we find time in our busy lives? Home workouts are an easy way to stay... Continue Reading →
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  • What You Need to Know about Moving into Your First Apartment

    Moving into a new apartment can be incredibly stressful. Like, how would you even know what to expect? Especially if the only place you have ever lived is in your parents house, you probably don’t know what is expected when... Continue Reading →
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  • Decorating Tips for Holiday Preparation

    Decorating for the holidays, whether it be in a home or apartment, can be an overwhelming task. The more you are able to prepare for the holiday season, the better your stress levels will be. After doing some blog reading,... Continue Reading →
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  • Decorating for the Holidays in your Apartment

    When it comes to decorating for the holidays, it might be a little harder coming up with ideas when living in an apartment. But, that doesn’t mean are little options to decorate for the holiday season. Here are a couple... Continue Reading →
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  • Utah SLC Salt Lake Downtown City Lehi Layton bedroom
  • Utah SLC Salt Lake Downtown City Lehi Layton Community kitchen area
  • Utah SLC Salt Lake Downtown City Lehi Layton Living room couch
  • Apartments Utah SLC Salt Lake Downtown City Lehi Layton office area
  • Apartments Utah SLC Salt Lake Downtown City Lehi Layton  kitchen
  • Apartments Utah SLC Salt Lake Downtown City Lehi Layton living room
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