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Parthasarathy Srinivasan: April 2017
It's been a year since we moved and we love the place. Good view of the lake and thr mountains. The apartment complex is maintained very well and good amenities, including garbage disposal at door step. The staff is friendly and any maintenance is attended immediately.
Julie Adams: April 2017
Easy rental process. Helpful Staff. Lovely Apartments and amenities. I would recommend Seasons' to others who are looking for a great place to live
Sarah Weston: April 2017
Everyone is SO friendly!! Brooklyn and Chase know exactly who I am every time I come into the office! They are so helpful with everything :)
Richard Norby: March 2017
The office staff is extremely helpful in setting up the initial apartment agreement. Their helpfulness continues afterwards. The apartment was clean and well kept and there is plenty of available parking. It's a great place to live.
Venkatesh Pasupuleti: March 2017
Resort style living at reasonable price
Jordan Melendez: February 2017
We have fallen in love with Seasons of Traverse Mountain! The office employees are SO easy to work with, and we really feel like we are living luxuriously. We love the amenities that the apartments come with and the beautifully designed apartment. I would definitely recommend this place to all of my friends.
Jordan Parker: February 2017
The apartments are so nice, and the price is similar to many apartments that aren't as good. The office staff is so helpful every time we have a question or need something done. I recommend anyone in the area looking for rent to check these out.
Charlene Gifford: December 2016 
We moved in a little over a month ago. We have been so pleased with living here. My family as enjoyed living here. The view is beautiful and the apartment is just the right size. We downsized from a seven bedroom house to a three bedroom apartment. It feels quite big and everything fits fine with no feeling of being too small. The maintenance men have been readily available to help with any questions or concerns. I have a special thank you to Nancy, Lindsey and especially Chase. He is such a great asset and always helps even with my goofy questions. He even helped my husband fix his windshield wipers. The grounds are so pretty and I cant wait until summer to go swimming. When my grandchildren come to visit, they will have plenty of play areas to play in. The amenities are all here, all you need to do is use them. I highly recommend living here. It very quiet, neighbors are very friendly. I cant hear any other neighbors around me. Another personal thank you to Chase for his help, he is such a sweetheart. Thank you Charlene Gifford.
Alicia W: November 2016 
This community has been a positive experience all around! From the beginning Taylor in the office was incredibly helpful and patient with all of my questions (trust me, there were many!). When it came time to sign the lease there were no surprise costs and everything was made very clear. Move-in was a breeze and we have had no problems since. We did have an issue with our dryer when we moved in and they were very prompt in fixing it. The walls aren't thin and the most I ever hear from my neighbors is footsteps from above. The valet trash is awesome! There is always plenty of parking. I really don't have a bad thing to say!
Japa Swadia: December 2016 
Love this place! I moved here from California last month and was a bit skeptical about being in Utah in general but I instantly felt at home in this place. It is a safe community, very clean and offers a breathtaking view since it is located atop the Traverse Mountain. Facilities are top notch and staff is super friendly!
Nithi Jaya: November 2016 
I've been living here for about one and half months and I love it! The apartments are beautiful with great appliances. Amenities are great and the door side trash valet pick up makes everything just a little bit easier. The office staff is always positive and ready to help and handle anything. The maintenance staff are very helpful and any problem is fixed very quickly. The apartment plan is really nice and having a wifi for entire community is definitely a plus point.


Jyoti Jain: December 2016 

Moved to Seasons of traverse mountain a little more than a month Ago.. So far we love the place, the location and the view is great. The staff is courteous and prompt in helping. The only challenge is no school bus comes to the apartment, so you need to arrange for your own pickup and drop.

Overall a very good choice with lots facilities very close by!!!

Emma Thompson: November 2016  

We moved here while we were waiting for our house to be finished. My kids love the amenities and all the playgrounds that are here. We feel like we have been on a fun vacation! The trash service is also a big plus! The office staff has always been awesome to us!

Nithi Jaya: November 2016 
I've been living here for about one and half months and I love it! The apartments are beautiful with great appliances. Amenities are great and the door side trash valet pick up makes everything just a little bit easier. The office staff is always positive and ready to help and handle anything. The maintenance staff are very helpful and any problem is fixed very quickly. The apartment plan is really nice and having a wifi for entire community is definitely a plus point.
Dominoc Weber: November 2016 
Apartment living at its finest! My wife and I are currently one month into our 13 month lease and we love it! These are some of the nicest apartments in Utah county and are in a great location. The views of the Utah valley/Utah lake are awesome and to the north traverse mountain. The apartments are located 2 min from the outlets, cabelas, Harmon's, and many restaurants. Also only 10 min from American fork and 25-30 min from SLC. All of our neighbors are very respectful and we never hear them from our apartment. The pool and spa are very nice as well as the gas grills located in the pool yard. There is also a nice clubhouse and a movie theater that are available for the residents and their guests that can also be reserved. The seasons of traverse mountain staff is just as amazing as the apartments! They are always helpful in any way they can be and quite often have something fun going on for the residents. We showed our friends this place and already one of them has signed a lease and others are really wanting to. All in all I give seasons of traverse mountain apartments a five star review because it is simply worthy of it! We looked at every apartment available in Utah county and this place is by far the nicest and surprisingly has most other places beat on rent prices.
Chris Huang: November 2016 
I've been living here for about two months and I am very impressed! 
Josh Gust: October 2016 
Staff is nice to work with. Rent wasn't egregious. The amenities are clean, and fun to use. The location is just the right distance up the south facing slope of traverse mountain to stay quiet from the highway and new shops being built all around north Lehi. Valet trash was convenient. Shared, complex-wide Wi-Fi is pretty good, but I opted to upgrade to a private bandwidth. Access to some nice evening hiking was a big plus, although it seems like some new developments (same property?) Are slowly starting to climb traverse mountain behind the complex.
Tony Greco: October 2016 
Moved in a month ago, this is the nicest, quiestest community I have ever lived at. Everything was new wth modern appliances and decor. The state of the art club house is amazing offering gym, pool table, pool and spa. The view overlooking the Lehi valley is breathtaking. I absolutely love this place and recommend it to anyone I know looking for a resort style apartment experience.
Wesley Ballard: October 2016 
This is a fun community, very clean and open. location is great and the residence are all very friendly. The front office staff in courteous and print with addressing concerns. Overall good vibes here.
Amed Ayes: October 2016 
It's really a great place to live. Love the amenities such as the gym and pool which I use almost every day! It is a safe and quiet place that is very family friendly.
Evan Tayler: October 2016 
Awesome apartments! Brand new and very nice in a super convenient location. They have a big pool and hot tub, theater room, great gym, and the staff are the best. Would definitely recommend.

Jason Wittingham: September 2016 
Very well run apartment complex with an organized and friendly staff. They are easy to work with at the front office. Very family friendly and is located in a nice little area tucked up against the mountain. Very nice commodities and services. Parking is not a problem as there are always open spots, even at night. Would highly recommend to others searching for somewhere to live.

Maya N: April, 2015 
Been over a month here at the Seasons...and I love it! Beautifully spacious homes with an excellent bird's-eye view of the valley, the mountains and the Utah Lake! 
All services have been prompt and taken care of. Nancy and her team are doing a great job! Amazing experience!

David Fyffe: August 2016  
We have been enjoying our stay at the Seasons of Traverse. We will be here for about a year and so far, we love it here. Great amenities- The pool and hot tub are clean and well taken care of. The weight and exercise rooms are kept up and sufficient to accommodate my needs. The neighborhood has lots of playground areas for kids and are clean and safe. We haven't had any problems with animals running loose on the property which was a concern of ours. The staff have been friendly and prompt with questions. If we could have signed a 5-year lease, we would have. Thanks Seasons!

Niki Wright: August 2016 
I have only been here a few weeks, but the experience has been great. The staff is friendly and respectful and have been helpful to me. They remember my name and that my stuff has still not been delivered (not their fault, the moving company). The location is fabulous, the view is fantastic, and it is close to family. Figuring out the internet has been a bit of a challenge, but once asked the right questions, things are good to go. The apartments are beautiful and I am happy to be here. Great place to live.

Jason Whittingham: August 2016 
Very well run apartment complex with an organized and friendly staff. They are easy to work with at the front office. Very family friendly and is located in a nice little area tucked up against the mountain. Very nice commodities and services. Parking is not a problem as there are always open spots, even at night. Would highly recommend to others searching for somewhere to live.

Jessica Peterson: August 2016 
We've only been here for two weeks and I must say that this is the nicest apartment complex I've ever lived in. We had to move from out-of-state and were not able to come look at the apartment before we moved in. The staff was SUPER accommodating and flexible to meet our needs which I really appreciated. I love all the playgrounds, pool, clubhouse, movie theater, and walkways that allow me to raise my son in a safe and fun environment. When we first moved in we had a few bumps, and maintenance was SUPER fast at coming to fix any problems.

Gage Peterson: August 2016 

I think it's a really awesome place to live. Using the movie theater is fun to do when people come over. The pool is nice and well kept. The pool even comes with free gas grills that you can use which makes for a fun evening meal. It's important to know that there are lots of dogs here. If you don't like being around dogs, then this is a bad place to be. However, I've never had one come up to me and everyone seems to be very good about cleaning up after them. You can hear your upstairs neighbors walk around quite easily and the air conditioning is very loud and right by where the kitchen table is so it can be hard to hear each other when it turns on. We usually have to adjust the volume of the movie we're watching when it turns on. The best part is it's 5-10-minute drive from my work and about a 20-25-minute drive to just about any store you would want to get to (most of the time you do have to go on the highway).

Hayden Simmons: June 2016 

I moved in just about a week ago into a brand new building on the property on a short-term lease which was near impossible to find anywhere else on short notice. I have never stepped foot into a nicer apartment, honestly. The square footage is generous and the floor plans are pretty efficient, not a lot of dead space. I haven't used many amenities yet, but the pool always looks immaculate when I walk by. Everything is calm and quiet, I'm surprised by how little I hear of other residents. Rent prices are fair and return a lot of value.

Ashlan Court: August 2016 

My husband and I just moved in a week ago and I could not be more happy with our decision. We are LOVING it! Our apartment was perfectly cleaned when we moved in and it looks so new and beautiful. You can't beat the view, there is nothing better! We are loving our experience and the staff has been amazing to work with.

Dave Muhlestein: August 2016 

Love this place. My maintenance requests are always done super-fast and done right the first time. I love that the stove and dryer are gas. The staff is always fantastic to work with. I don't understand how anyone could rate < 5 stars.

Geeta Fyffe: August 2016 

I absolutely love our apartment! Such a convenient location and has very nice amenities i.e. pool, movie room, and workout room. Very kid-friendly and a beautiful interior. I love coming home to our new place.

Teesha: August 2016 

We have been here just over a month now and couldn't ask for a better complex! Safe neighborhood quietly up on the hill but also just a short drive from the freeway as well as a bunch of shopping centers. The apartment itself is very clean and modern, not to mention the beautiful views and amenities!! Definitely would agree to a longer lease given the option :)

Desi Collings: July 2016 

The office staff is top notch. They make leasing a unit easy. Maintenance staff stays on top of work orders and will come in after hours to make sure residents are taken care of. All around a great place to call home!

Vanessa Post: March 2016

I love Seasons of Traverse Mountain apartments. They have really been so nice here always leave something on the door step for my birthday and always doing something fun it's so nice. The Christmas party every year is fun and the pool party last year was really fun. I love the amenities we are always renting out the clubhouse and we love it. It's nice for family get togethers and parties. I have never had a problem and me and my husband love the view paying what we do seriously is worth it with all the amenities and the fun workers. We love living here.

Emmalee Simons: June 2016 

I have loved living here since the day we moved in. We were very complex and difficult with our contract and move in date, and Nancy in the leasing office was so kind and willing to work with us. It was so nice to be able to find a nice, beautiful apartment where we could still have our pets, and not pay an arm and a leg. Our ice machine in the freezer was broken when we moved in and they got out and got it fixed that day. The trash pick-up is so amazing and convenient. The views are so nice and we have loved all the amenities. I love planning parties, and the beautiful clubhouse is so perfect for it and we have already hosted a party there. I can't wait to get to use the theater room and spend a bunch of time in the pool this summer. The gym facilities are super nice and I like that there are two rooms, so it doesn't feel crowded. I have loved living here so far, and am so glad that we made the move. 

Benjamin Russell: March 2016 

Best part of the place is the location. Convenient to go pretty much anywhere in Utah or Salt Lake Counties. Complex is high up on the mountain, which makes for great views that never get old. Valet trash service is great. Apartments stay quiet - rarely hear neighbors. You are required to sign up for a "media package" which includes internet and TV service...but it's at a pretty good price.

Verna Lee: May 2016 

I've been living here for one year. It’s one of the best apartment complexes I’ve ever lived. Friendly and helpful staff. Nice views. Quiet at night. Great location. Closed to supermarkets, restaurants and Traverse Mountain Outlet stores. I enjoy living here and would love to renew my lease for next year.

Keri Belliston: March 2016 

We absolutely love living here! The wheelchair accessible units are definitely wheelchair friendly! The accessible bathroom has a shower with a soft bench, rather than a tub with grab bars. That's exactly what we needed for my son, who is paralyzed and cannot get into a bathtub. The staff is the friendliest apartment staff we've ever encountered. Their friendliness doesn't end once you've signed your lease. The views are breathtaking! The hard floors throughout and the carpet in the bedrooms are of beautiful quality. Everything about Seasons of Traverse feels like home.

Wu Paul: March 2016 

Very nice brand-new apartment with great view of mountains and Utah lake. Maintenance staff always comes to fix problems the next day after I submit a maintenance request. Valet trash service is not cheap but save me lots of time. Great apartment! I recommend this place to people who work nearby. Will definitely renew my lease if the rent is not increased.

K Lindsey: May 2016 

In all respects, so far this has been a great experience. The staff is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and respectful (a rare combination these days). Views are phenomenal from certain units and the individual units are built with "smart" use of space and specific features. The use of available space is outstanding, additional ceiling height gives an airy, open feel, use of appealing flooring flows throughout the whole unit and avoids a chopped-up feel, bathroom layout is roomy, attractive cabinetry throughout and modern fixtures. Units are very cute but not a lot of extra space for storage (an extra utility closet would be helpful) but the shelved pantry, small outside storage room, and huge master closet/laundry can accommodate (1-bdr). Pool looks very nice but not sure if adequate for the complex size as I've not been here in the summer yet. Unsightly garbage is unacceptable here so measures have been taken to ensure individual unit garbage pickup and one central garbage drop-off if needed. Note, if you live on a ground floor unit, non-carpeted area floors can be cold in the cooler months. Feels more like cold tile on the feet and seems to keep the unit on the cool side...could be a bonus in the hot months though.

Tatiana Ardaka: March 2016 

I have lived here for nine months so far and have had a wonderful experience with the apartment unit, and amenities. Very nice brand-new apartment with great view of mountains and Utah lake, great location. They have really been so nice here leave something on the door step for my birthday and the Christmas party was really fun. Would recommend this place to all.

Matthew Young: March 2016 

I've lived in a lot of apartments in my life and Seasons is up there with the best of them. There are 3 playgrounds I can take my daughter too, I love the maintenance crew and the office staff is super friendly. You can tell they really care about their tenants' quality of living. Plus, those views of Utah Valley - spectacular!

Karen Schwab: August 2016 

It has been a delight to work with the knowledgeable and dependable office personnel here!

Larissa Butler: March 2016 

We absolutely love living here! Great amenities throughout the complex, the apartments are very luxurious, the staff is also very quick to help solve problems. We moved into a new building so there was no internet or cable ready like there should have been. So the agents at the office fixed our problem as quickly as they could. We adore our apartment, and we are so glad we are living at The Seasons of Traverse Mountain.

James Argyle: August 2016 

My wife and I have loved living at the Seasons of Traverse Mountain. We mostly worked with Nancy, who is above and beyond fantastic. You will not find a more personable and caring apartment manager/landlord anywhere. On the rare occasion that we needed to work with another staff member, they were also easy and pleasant to work with. They really go out of their way to show that they care. They deliver birthday cards, Valentines treats, host fun parties with lots of prizes, and frequently hold contests throughout the year with a chance of earning prizes. The apartments are brand new, so therefore are very clean, and have wonderful layouts. Maintenance requests have been filled in a very timely manner. While some people may complain about snow removal, I believe the staff did an excellent job with the snow. We had a terrible winter. Staff was out early just about every morning and out late at night salting the walks, and shoveling snow. This is Utah, there is going to be snow. The removal here is better than any other complex we have lived in. Even with all of the wind, this is a great place to live!

Ralph Clarke: March 2016 

We love living in Seasons of Traverse Mountain apartments. For the price and location, it doesn't get much better. The apartments are brand new. You get top of the line appliances that actually match! The flooring is gorgeous. I appreciate the attention to detail. If you have school aged children the schools in Traverse Mountain are outstanding. Very short commute to everything. It is very quiet here. Trash is collected right at your front door 5 days a week during certain times which makes things so much easier. There are tot lots and nice amenities such as a pool, gym, and hot tub. It seems like Traverse mountain is the place to be right now and these apartments grant that certain type of lifestyle most desire at an affordable price.

Andrew W: March, 2015 5 stars
My fiance and I are absolutely thrilled to be moving here in a couple weeks. The Views are breath taking and the area is super convenient. Close to the outlets, the freeway and right in between Utah County and Salt lake County! The inside is beautiful and topples any of the competitors nearby. Darkwood cabinetry, quartz counters and hardwood floors. Can't beat it! 

On a side note, Nancy Ledford (property manager) has been extremely helpful in finding us the right apartment for our needs. She is very friendly, hard-working and proficient. I look forward to my next year in this great place.

Morgan: January, 2015 5 stars
My husband and I have lived at the seasons for three months now and we couldn't be more pleased with How our lifestyle has changed for good here. This is not your run of the mill apartment complex. The location is amazing, sandwiched between the big cities in Utah is convenient - especially if you commute, and getting places seems almost effortless since we're close enough to I-15. My absolute favorite part of the day is going to the Seasons gym, the gym has a breathtaking view along with all of the necessary equipment (ie weights systems, treadmills, elyptical, and bikes), it's energizing, and refreshing to watch the valley change while you get a good workout in. Trust me, the view itself can change your life, do yourself a favor and come check it out. Returning to the comfort of our luxurious apartment is a dream, everything is crisp and clean with the lines and color schemes. The appliances are sleek - not to mention the money you save for their energy efficiency and those gas appliances are fabulous! Its not only appealing to the eye, but the senses too, this place is comfortable, which is just what you need when you've had a long day. We have not visited - but have eyeballed - the hot tub which is open during the winter months! I must say that I am most excited for the pool to open this summer so we can mingle with our awesome neighbors. And if you're big on biking, the Murdock trail entrance is just down the street, did I already mention I'm excited for summer here?! And the staff are more than helpful, they're just the right amount of professional and "family", they have taken such good care of us! You really can't beat the price, or the memories that you'll make here! I highly recommend this place to anyone I know who is looking for not only a place, but a life changing experience. Put it at the top of their list to visit, and I promise you will leave happy!

Matthew Jackson - October, 2014 5 stars
Great place to live. Been here for about a year and looking to renew lease. Staff is great. Highly recommend living here.

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